About Us

At Eddie's Motors we strive for perfection. We know how important quality plays a pivotal  part in delivering a first class service which we believe to be second to none.

Eddie's Motors has been established for more than 25 years, making us one of the longest lasting businesses within the community  serving the public a consistent level of cosmetics to the auto world,

Small scratch

From the smallests of scratches, no one else can see this, but you can, because it's your baby, your pride possession, you have feelings towards this autobeing.


To the biggest of smashes, we have a trained team specialising in medium to hard collisions. There's nothing we can't repair. Over the years we have come across a whole variety of obstacles leading us to this day to simply say the experience we've gathered... Priceless. Being established for over 25 years means there's nothing in the workshop we haven't tackled before. We are East Londons finest.