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Our prime objective is to deliver a high quality service which is competitive, professional and customer focused.  We are committed to providing all our valued customers with the highest levels of service and professionalism the British automotive Bodyshop industry can deliver.

The environment in which we work is clean, clinical and professional with a lean production methodology being a prerequisite, matching our company ethos perfectly.  Our specialist paint and body repair facility provides the ideal vehicle repair solution to satisfy all requirements.   In addition to standard body repairs, we have developed an advanced technical division to provide a fast track repair process, massively reducing downtime.  Alongside this we are able to apply environmentally friendly paint products.  All repairs utilise genuine manufacturer parts and are fully guaranteed where applicable. 

Eddie's Motors also approved by many leading Fleet and accident management companies. For our Fleet companies we offer a facility that combines volume throughput with highly efficient, high quality repairs within the best possible timescale.

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The repair process starts with an assessment by a qualified in-house Vehicle Damage Assessor using an industry-regulated computer generated appraisal.  We will provide a full quotation of the work required which will include all charges, so you can be assured there will be no unpleasant surprises on completion.

Fast track vehicle repair service for all customers

Your vehicle will then be scheduled in to our Bodyshop using our sophisticated scheduling software which utilises all available resources to fast track your car or motorbike through the repair process, so you will have your vehicle back and fully repaired, quick starter before you even start missing it!

In order to massively reduce cycle times Eddie's Motors encompasses ‘continuous workflow’, which makes sure that from the moment that your car enters the workshop it never stops being worked on. At some points it may have more than one technician working on it, so we can guarantee that we will meet the industry’s most speedy repair times.  It will be a challenge to find a faster vehicle repair service centre than Eddie's Motors.

To book your vehicle in for an assessment and quotation, please call 0208 534 3366

Established for over 25 years, repaired 1000's of vehicles from motorbikes to jeeps,  vans and all varieties of cars from everyday to prestige, even as far as vintage. We are unrivalled and over the years we have managed to keep on reinventing ourselves thus leading the way in this forever relentless changing trade.

We love the work we do, and it shows, our workshop is always meticulously clean which is detrimental to a workshop  out putting consistently good quality work.

We take pride in delivering high standards in every job we undertake, our technicians are trained at a very high standard ensuring excellence.

We offer many other services including car wrapping, body kits, alloy repairs etc, check out the other services page for more details

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Why should you use Us?

As a small company we are able to offer an exceptionally personal service. Whenever you call us we aim for you to be able to speak directly to the person performing your car body repairs, who will give you plain speaking, objective advice. This, combined with our many years’ experience and competitive prices makes us the perfect choice for those in need of any car body repair.